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When it comes to volunteer firefighters, some or even all of the money they require to provide their services and stay afloat may need to be garnered via donations. The good news is that there are numerous methods to use for fundraising for any volunteer firefighters that are in need.

1. Direct Mail

One fundraising option is sending out letters to the local community. These letters should describe how much money is needed and what it will be used for. Doing this allows people to feel more involved and excited about donating to the cause. Specific plans rather than general requests for money are always a preferable option.

2. Community Events

Hosting events in the community is one way for volunteer firefighters to not only raise funds but also establish a rapport with the people they serve. Some options may include dinners, breakfasts, bingo tournaments, and more. For those who decide to take the event route, it’s important to consider both volunteer firefighter presence and resource usage. In some cases, it might not be feasible or advisable to attempt numerous large events. The choice will depend on each location’s needs and available resources.

3. Corporate Sponsorship

Soliciting money from corporate sponsors might be a great method of fundraising for some volunteer firefighters. Often, corporations distribute funds in the form of grants. This means each location will need to rely on one of the volunteers to become the de facto grant writer if they plan to use this option. They can look into large corporations such as Walmart or Target to see what grants they have available to give out. Local businesses may also be interested in sponsoring or donating to the firefighters.

4. Recycling Stations

One method of fundraising that can be both hands-off and effective is setting up recycling containers in the community to collect cans and bottles. These items can be recycled and used as a stream of income for the volunteer firefighters. The good thing about recycling is it does not take time or resources from the department, it allows community members who may be low on funds to still contribute, and it helps the environment along the way.