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RiA first responder is someone who responds to an emergency situation, typically in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. In order to help these brave men and women do their job, there are many organizations that provide support for them. Some examples include:


1) The National Firefighters Foundation:


This organization provides an array of services for firefighters, including financial aid during funeral expenses and scholarships for children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.


2) The Widows Sons:


This organization was formed by a group of widows in order to provide support groups and financial aid. In conjunction with several other organizations, they also have an insurance plan that provides coverage for firefighters as well as their families.


3) The Pat Tillman Foundation:


This organization was started in order to provide support for military veterans. While they do not specifically focus on firefighters, some of the services that they offer may apply to them as well. Financial aid is provided so that service members can continue their education. Career transition services are also provided, allowing for members to make a successful transition into civilian life.


4) Wounded Warrior Project:


This organization was started by veterans who themselves were wounded on the battlefield. They provide financial as well as physical and emotional support to veterans who have been injured while serving in the military.


5) The Bob Woodruff Foundation:


This organization provides physical therapy for military veterans who have suffered brain injuries. Their goal is to not only help the veterans learn how to cope with their injury but also help them be successful in finding work and furthering their education.


6) The Remember 9/11 Fund:


This organization provides financial support for FDNY members and their families. It was set up by Bruce Springsteen as a way to help those who had lost loved ones in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001.


7) The MusiCares Foundation:


Comprehensive music therapy programs are provided to veterans in order to help them continue their recovery. A large number of active-duty military members were injured or killed during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is why there is a specific program for them.


8) The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation:


This organization provides assistance to the families of firefighters who have died while on duty. They provide financial and emotional support, as well as funding for education.


9) The Navy SEAL Foundation:


This organization caters to service members who are on active duty or have been honorably discharged. They offer financial aid through scholarships and grants to those who wish to continue their educations. In addition, they also provide physical fitness training in order to help those who have been injured deal with their recovery process.