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It can be very easy to think about the world in a very narrow view. Indeed, it can be very beneficial as well in the short term. However, over time different actions in the pursuit of wealth in and of itself without regard to the community can create issues that tend to grow over time. Thankfully there is always a better way!

One can find ways to incorporate philanthropy into their everyday life and improve the general community. But where should one start? Many people tend to start with great literature. It is essential to have an influential book that can be inspirational for the reader. Having a good philanthropy book can keep charitable services front and center in people’s minds for a few years.

There are few best books on philanthropy that can help to find and also to regain a purpose during the rest of their life. These books are present below.

American Philanthropy (The Chicago History of American Civilization) by Robert H. Bremner
In American Philanthropy or The Chicago History of American Civilization, the author takes the reader through the history of social philanthropy from colonial times to the present. American’s philanthropic efforts are covered in a concise manner and include insight on religion, social services, war relief efforts, humanitarian reform, and the education system.

Philanthropy in Democratic Societies
This book was written by Rob Reich, Chiara Cordelli & Lucy Bernholz (eds.). This book is considered the best book on philosophy and political theory. Many chapters are according to the philanthropy scholars who cover informative topics that are within a democracy. This book is highly recommended to read.

Halftime Which Was Written by Bob Buford
If a person is searching for a book that explains how to make the rest of their life better than the first, this book is highly recommended. Author Bob Buford has mentioned in his book that how can people get all that back. This book will be beneficial for people getting older. The majority of the people consider their first life to be to work hard and get success which when they come on the second phase, they focus on significance.

Start Something that Matters
This book has been written by Blake Mycoskie. Suppose a person has difficulty in answering this question that makes him feel difficulty, then this book can be of great help. The author successfully shared the story of TOMS, which is known to be the fastest-growing shoe company. With the help of this example, the author tried to convey a message that integrates change and progress while earning a living. There are several tips in this book that can help to live a peaceful life.