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The Chicago Charities helping veterans is a diverse group of charities, all with one goal in mind: to help veterans and their families. Whether it’s the American Legion or the Wounded Warrior Project, each charity has its unique way of supporting those who served our country. And together, they represent just some of the many ways that we can pay tribute to these brave men and women for their service while also giving back to them in other ways as well. The following are five favorite charities that provide meaningful support for our vets through various programs and services.


1)The American Legion


The American Legion was the first veteran’s service organization to be chartered by Congress. The organization’s mission is an ambitious one: “To foster and perpetuate a one-hundred percent Americanism; Preparedness; National Security; and furtherance of justice, truth, charity, education and peace” And to achieve these goals, The American Legion operates several programs and services designed to offer veterans meaningful ways to help their communities while also helping those who have gone before them.


2)Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW)


This organization comes from the U.S. Congress, so you know it must be trustworthy and legit. This is one of the most effective charity organizations out there when it comes to helping our veterans. They provide many things to help them with the challenges they face during their recovery process through their psychotherapy practice, including yoga, treatment for substance abuse, and more. Aside from this, they have also brought awareness to congress members regarding many issues that veterans face.


3)Anthony Nolan


This is a charity organization that originated from the United Kingdom, and it supports bone marrow transplants for people with blood cancer, including leukemia, lymphoma, etc. They help in finding donors who can help patients of these illnesses find their cure. This charity works with around 115 countries worldwide, including the United States.


4) The Wounded Warrior Project


This is one of the best and most effective veteran charity organizations in America. They are widely known as an organization that helps veterans who have been wounded while serving our country. Thanks to them, many injured service members have recovered from their injuries and can live everyday life again. They offer several programs and services to provide them with the support they need. One of their main programs is the Warriors to Work, wherein they provide qualified wounded veterans with jobs in companies that can accommodate their disabilities.


5) The Soldier’s Wish


This is an American non-profit organization that supports our soldiers serving overseas through letters from children; this is done through their Kids Care Kit program. These letters help raise the morale of our soldiers overseas. Aside from that, they also do a Toys for Tots program to collect toys and distribute them to disadvantaged children in the country.


These are just some of the many charities which support America’s veterans. If you wish to donate money to any of these organizations, feel free. Follow them on social media for information regarding their activities and events. Most importantly, continue your support in helping those who have served our country by voting during every election.