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The world is changing in many ways. In some ways, it is changing for the better, in other ways, it is declining in quality and value. That is why businesses around the world are looking at the world differently. They are also looking at their place in the world and their role in ensuring that the Earth continues to provide as much value for future generations.

Sure, that is an ambitious goal but it is certainly necessary to think about how to preserve value in the present and in the future as well. This new paradigm and holistic thinking is bringing about new business models.

Many huge organizations running successful businesses donate some part of their profit or earnings to many charitable organizations. Out of generosity, many organizations donate some amount as funds to hospitals, orphanages, and other institutes which are paying attention for the betterment of the community and helping others. In this era, when the world has progressed so much, still many people survive on donations by others for living, treatment, or other reasons.

Here are businesses that donate part of your purchase to charity.

TOMS Shoes Is Quite Likely One Of the Most Prominent
Toms shoes have been associated with bringing about change globally; they pursue this mission by supporting organizations that bring local adaptation to the community. Moreover, they help communities and other organizations working for mental health, mental support, bringing violence down, specifically gun violence, and those organizations that are making economic opportunities more accessible to ordinary people.

Whatever purchase a person makes, whether it be of shoes or any plastic wear, some part of the purchase will be donated.

The Elephant Pants
Elephant pants is another clothing company that donates some part of the purchase as a contribution to an organization doing good. The elephant pant company donates 10 percent of its profit of purchases to the African wildlife foundation. This donation helps in fighting elephant poaching.

Roma Boots
Roma boots aims to follow the model of one-on-one. They donate a pair of boots to a child for every purchase. The donation of a boot is made to a child who is in need. Moreover, it also does donate 10 percent of its sales received from rain boots to an initiative set up for children’s education around the world.